The True Story of Noah’s Ark (DVD)

The True Story of Noah’s Ark (DVD)


Narrated and presented by Tom Dooley in this 90 minute colorful video. With new and intriguing facts and based on Genesis chapters 6 thru 9.


The True Story of Noah’s Ark is an exciting and colorful presentation with lavish panoramas of the building of the Ark, collecting the animals and thrilling experience of The Flood. The narrative is true to the Biblical record and its timeline of events, with added insight as to what it might have been like to be in Noah’s shoes. The artwork is so spectacular, one can almost sense the atmosphere, the anguish, the excitement, and anxiety.

Over two years in the making, this enormous sight and sound production features the work of master illustrator, Bill Looney. The panoramic images are stunning. Tom Dooley is the creator,  host and narrator of this Biblical adventure and takes you on a journey your whole family will enjoy.